Part I: Deerah is 1 year old (a big thank you, a recap, new collections & a giveaway contest)

Part I: Deerah is 1 year old (a big thank you, a recap, new collections & a giveaway contest)

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First of all, thank you for being a part of the Deerah community. We wouldn’t be here without you. Doesn’t matter when you joined us. What matters is that you’re here & supporting us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We feel obliged and happy to share our first anniversary with you (stay till the end for the giveaway contest).

This article has:

  1. A recap of Deerah's 1st year
  2. New collections coming soon
  3. Giveaway contest


Deerah’s been up for a year now. Sara & me have always been fascinated by the beauty, vividness & depth of Palestinian embroidery (TATREEZ تطريز). If you are an Arab or have Arabic roots, you know how families gather on holidays (Eid, Christmas, New Year’s, Weddings, Events) and pride themselves in wearing traditional clothing to impress others during all festivities. We wanted to revive the forgotten beauty of our traditional clothing, and tell people that western fashion isn’t the only one that can be elegant & trendy, we too can achieve that while also maintaining & protecting our identity.

What started as a passing thought has now become a fully functioning fashion startup (miraculously operated by only a few people). Our team that supports us & fuels our passion for embroidery & educating people about the rich Palestinian culture. The only positive way COVID impacted us (pun intended) was that it helped us build Deerah.

Sara & I were in the middle of a transition in our lives right before covid.  We put an end to our experience in Saudi Arabia, planned to transit through Jordan to be with our families, before relocating to Canada. That was April 2020. COVID took the world by storm, all airports were shut down, traveling was banned, the life plan we had carefully drafted was ripped to pieces. We had to stay in Jordan indefinitely.

We dug deep into the things we cherish the most. Embroidery was something that always awed us. We started to study the history of embroidery & how it is implemented. We delved deep into the details of how fabric is selected, thread types & grades. Waste canvas itself was  world of it’s own. Buying the right type for the right fabric, placement and the tedious removal process were all things we learned on this journey.

We also learned logistics & the complexities of machine embroidery. We visited numerous workshops and did tens of samples to get the quality we could call a benchmark for what we wanted for our customers to experience.

This was Part I of Deerah’s 1st anniversary, if you made it to this point, thank you :) 

Part II will explain how Deerah became an operating company. 

We are expanding our catalog to include:

  1. Skirt suits
  2. Formal & casual dresses
  3. Deerah's very own night/evening dresses
  4. Kaftans
  5. Many more

Stay tuned to our Instagram page here for updates & release dates soon!

Now to the giveaway contest!

To celebrate this milestone, we're giving away a few machine-embroidered pieces. What you have to do is:

  • Tag 3 friends on any of our Instagram posts & ask them to follow us
  • Share your email via Instagram DM or direct email to enter the giveaway (

We'll announce the winners soon!! Goodluck :)

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HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY!! To more success in shaa Allah! Loving the new designs! 😍


Happy First Anniversary.. all the best for more Anniversaries to come 💞

Reem Abuzeineh

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