Bringing You Closer to Home

At Deerah, we believe that Palestinian embroidery is a beautiful form of artistry, a complex language of resistance and a reminder of a full life lived by Palestinian women facing systematic erasure.

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palestinian refugee woman sewing embroidery motif deerah

Working Together Against Financial Exploitation in Fashion

We are proud to be working with Palestinian women in refugee camps in Jordan. As women in marginalized communities, they are constantly paid unfairly. Your purchase ensures they have sustainable income to lift themselves out of poverty.

Decolonizing fashion, one thobe at a time

As first-generation immigrants to Canada we are passionate about preserving our heritage and creating a space for fellow Palestinians to connect to their culture through fashion. By founding Deerah, we hope to showcase our love for our roots and encourage everyone to see beauty in what makes them unique.

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  • Deerah is a sustainable brand that aims to preserve the art and create timeless pieces that can be worn every day while still maintaining and preserving a unique Palestinian identity.

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  • "We love everything about Deerah. Founded by a couple with Palestinian and Lebanese roots."

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  • "A brand focused on traditional embroidery, Deerah has designed the ideal suit for your katb-ktab, your engagement party, and anything else that needs a bold bit of flair."

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