About Deerah


Deerah is a brand that aims to preserve and shed light on the art of traditional Palestinian embroidery or tatreez. For as long as we know, we have been subconsciously taught to believe that wearing "Western-style" clothing was the only way to look fashionable and modern. We, at Deerah, wanted to challenge that idea by retailing timeless pieces that can be worn everyday but also that hold our unique identity.

Social responsibility in Sustainable Slow Fashion:

We all benefit when we lift each other up. A large part of our traditions are centered around community, family and moral code. It is extremely important for us to pave the way for those of us that need it.

All of our products are made in Jordan in our efforts to support small businesses and low-income families in Arab countries.

We partner with different charities in Jordan that support refugees, women in-need and low-income families.

All pieces we produce (machine & custom hand-embroidered clothing) revolve around sustainability. The origins of our fabrics, threads, designs are transparently traced, our design & production teams are fairly paid.


We are a couple from Jordan with roots from Palestine and Lebanon. As first-generation immigrants to Canada we are passionate about preserving our heritage and creating a space for fellow immigrants and minorities to be creative. By founding Deerah, we hope to build a brand that encourages everyone to see beauty in what makes them unique.

As we set out on our journey, we hope you can join us in building a brand that showcases our love for our roots and gives back to our communities in-need.

Sara Jayyusi (sara@deerah.co) & Omarr Daylaq (omarr@deerah.co)