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What to expect when ordering a custom hand embroidered Thobe / Dress

BOOK CALL At Deerah, we believe that traditional Palestinian hand embroidery Tatreez is a superior form of artistry and a beautiful means of connection to our homeland and heritage.  Not only is it extremely intricate and beautiful, but it is also a movement against fast fashion and unnecessary waste caused by the fashion industry.   Hand embroidered pieces were traditionally made over a span of months or even years and passed down from generation to generation.  To honor all these aspects  we ensure to provide the highest level of quality and produce our pieces ethically.  Consultation Call In your consultation call we will talk about all design aspects including but not limited to; Event type or theme if applicable. Examples include ( Weddings,...

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Our Story - Building Deerah's Values

Follow my blog with Bloglovin   Deerah ( dɪə-ruh) : Home / hometown – A place that feels familiar – somewhere you belong. When we started Deerah, our aim was for you to feel like carry a piece of home with you when you own one of our products. is a small start-up that aims to preserve and shed light on the art of traditional embroidery, hand-woven traditional rugs and other traditional accessories.     Decolonizing Fashion : For as long as we know, we were subconsciously taught to believe that “western-style” clothing was the only way to look fashionable. We, at Deerah, want to challenge that idea by retailing timeless pieces that represent our unique identity.   Social...

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