Our Story - Building Deerah's Values

Our Story - Building Deerah's Values

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Deerah ( dɪə-ruh) : Home / hometown – A place that feels familiar – somewhere you belong.

When we started Deerah, our aim was for you to feel like carry a piece of home with you when you own one of our products.

Deerah.co is a small start-up that aims to preserve and shed light on the art of traditional embroidery, hand-woven traditional rugs and other traditional accessories.



Decolonizing Fashion :

For as long as we know, we were subconsciously taught to believe that “western-style” clothing was the only way to look fashionable. We, at Deerah, want to challenge that idea by retailing timeless pieces that represent our unique identity.


Social Responsibility:

We all benefit when we lift each other up.

A large part of our traditions are centered around community, family and moral code. It is extremely important to pave the way for those of us that need it.

All of our products are made in Jordan in our efforts to support small businesses and low-income families in our own communities.

We have a one-on-one relationship with all the people involved in creating the products we retail online and all products are purchased from the local artisans themselves and not through traders. This guarantees that they get fair pay.



Sustainable Fashion:

Originally, Palestinian women would spend weeks if not months making their thobes and embroidering them. The pieces they produced would last them a life time. Even if they out-grew them , they would hand them down to someone who could re-use them. They were not just item of clothing, they were a means of expression, they were an artform and even political activism.

We want to revive that way of thinking when it comes to traditional clothing. We want to unlearn the unrealistic forms of fast-fashion that we were forced on us and embrace the way our ancestors made and wore their clothes.

When you buy a thobe, you are making a lifetime investment and even something you can pass down to generations to come.

This is why most of our products are make-to-order causing less waste of material and effort. It also gives us the opportunity to customize pieces so that they are exactly what you would expect them to be.




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