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What to expect when ordering a custom hand embroidered Thobe / Dress

    At Deerah, we believe that traditional Palestinian hand embroidery Tatreez is a superior form of artistry and a beautiful means of connection to our homeland and heritage. 

    Not only is it extremely intricate and beautiful, but it is also a movement against fast fashion and unnecessary waste caused by the fashion industry.  

    Hand embroidered pieces were traditionally made over a span of months or even years and passed down from generation to generation. 

    To honor all these aspects  we ensure to provide the highest level of quality and produce our pieces ethically. 

    1. Consultation Call

    In your consultation call we will talk about all design aspects including but not limited to;

    • Event type or theme if applicable. Examples include ( Weddings, engagements, Henna parties, Katb Ktab and more) 
    • Silhouette and over-all design 
    • Fabric and color palette 

    • Embroidery type and placement
    • Motifs. This includes thread color palette and meaning/symbols you would like to incorporate in your design.

    • Accessories ( Like hand embroidered shawls) 

             2. Design Process 

    After the consultation call , our team puts together a rough sketch of the design and draws out the digitized motifs with the decided colors. Giving you a comprehensive look at what your design will look like. Once this is approved we can start bringing your design to life!


             3. Implementation

    All of our hand embroidery is done by Palestinian refugees in Jordan in our efforts to ensure sustainable income and the continuity of Tatreez. 

    • Fabric is bought for your order
    • It is then taken to our tailors where it is cut to your measurements. 
    • We then buy the needed thread and supplies and send your design to be embroidered in either the Gaza refugee camp, the Baqaa refugee camp or the Hussein refugee in Jordan 
    • Embroidery time varies depending on the amount of embroidery
    • After embroidery is finished, your design will be assembled, dry cleaned and packed for shipping 


    Congratulations! You are one step closer to owning a new hand embroidered item that you can treasure forever ! 

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